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Cover-up of a Royal Murder: Hundreds of Errors in the Paget Report

Product Description

Cover-up of a Royal Murder is a thorough investigation of the British inquiry – the Paget report – into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed. It uses eye-witness, documentary and other evidence to prove that the conclusions drawn in the Paget report are fundamentally flawed — yet it is the Paget report that is set to form the basis for the upcoming British inquest. This is the book that proves beyond reasonable doubt that Princess Diana was murdered and that there is a lot more to the Paris crash than the French and British investigations have revealed. “Cover-up” provides credibility to the lingering doubts of a large section of the British and international public — doubts that remain even 10 years after the crash. This book lays down a huge challenge to those who believe the death of Diana Princess of Wales was just a tragic accident. Cover-up of a Royal Murder exposes one of the greatest cover-ups of our time.


A brilliant piece of research and writing which will play an important role in uncovering the truth about how Princess Diana came to die. — Sue Reid, Daily Mail, London

An intriguing thought provoking read that is hard to put down….I found Cover-up of a Royal Murder a highly accomplished work. — Zeus Publications, September 25 2007

Chapter after chapter, I was astounded at the volume of evidence pointing to criminal involvement rather then an accident. — Margaretha de Vries, September 5 2007

I read this book as a complete skeptic….After reading it I am completely convinced that the death of Diana was not an accident…. — Sarah Thornton,September 4 2007

Not just another Diana book….Cover-up of a Royal Murder leaves me in no doubt that the Paget Report is indeed a cover-up of the facts. — Davina Dyne, September 18 2007

Originally I did not think that Diana and Dodi were murdered, but after reading the book I have grave doubts that it was just an accident. — Jos Deters, September 5 2007

The most compelling book yet published about the circumstances surrounding Diana’s death. — Paul Sparks, Writer & Journalist, UK

This is a first class piece of investigative journalism that exposes the Scotland Yard report into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed as an utter sham. The book demonstrates that the cover up went right to the top. — Mohamed Al Fayed, Owner of Harrads, London

This is a masterful piece of investigative journalism which has quite properly exposed areas of the Paget inquiry which were either overlooked or not properly investigated. It needs to be read by anyone seeking the truth. — John Macnamara, former Detective Chief Superintendent at New Scotland Yard

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